D1 Bound: SD

Hosted ByDavid Varcardipone

From San Diego to a D1 scholarship, listen to the athletes, families and coaches who made the dream come true!

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Episode 8 | Lonnie Jones | Basketball Chose Him

Lonnie Jones, girls high school basketball coach, speaks on what he went through that gave him the drive to coach—touching on how factors such as weight and the unexpected opportunity to coach recreational basketball. Speaking on the beauty of coaching and how many people he has had the chance...

Episode 7 | Paris Johnson | The Beauty of Her Journey

Paris Johnson, SDSU Alumni, and former collegiate coach talks about her journey of playing basketball, touching on a car accident that shaped her as a woman and a player. She touches on recovery and being an athlete, shining a light on what moments have shaped herself and her career.

Episode 6 | Ismaila Kane | From Senegal to San Diego

Ismaila Kane, a basketball player for the San Diego Guardians, speaks on his experience getting from Senegal, Africa, to San Diego. He dives into his journey of finding basketball and the sports he played along the way and shares why he feels education is so pivotal.

Episode 5 | Tyree Robinson | Hard Work Surpasses Talent

Tyree Robinson, University of Oregon Alumni, NFL free agent, speaks of his journey of going professional and what people and places kept him motivated. Listen to Tyree Robinson dive into the struggles he has faced and how he persevered to get to where he is today.

Episode 4 | Benjo O’Brien | Big Heart, Big Results, Big Future

Great episode with Benjo O’Brien, star wide receiver for football powerhouse Lincoln High. Listen to this gifted scholar athlete talk about his journey from practicing tip toe catches at age 5 to stardom in high school. Will he tell us which college program he is going to pick? No,...

Episode 3 | Jesse Matthews, San Diego State University | From Walk On To Bowl Game MVP And A Scholarship

Listen to this episode to hear the awesome and inspiring story of Jesse Matthews. Drive, confidence, and an excellent set of hands allowed this gifted wide receiver to go from walk-on to a starter as a freshman! And if starting wasn’t enough of an accomplishment, this humble young man...

Ep 2: No Scholarship, No Problem / Jesse Matthews, San Diego State University

The Mathews family Tom & Jessica talk about their son Jessie’s journey through youth football into High school and becoming a preferred walk on at San Diego State University.

Episode 1| Coach Joe Kremer – Head Coach, St. Augustine’s Football

From a small town in Ohio to D1 football at Indiana, Coach Joe Kremer takes us on his journey that led him to leading St. Augustine’s acclaimed football program. We also get to step into the living room during the recruiting process as Coach Kremer takes us back to...