Meet Our Team

Charles Parisi

Founder, CEO

An entrepreneur since age 25,  Charles lives, breathes and eats entrepreneurship, as well as NY sports teams.  Whether it has been starting companies or developing one of the first high schools for entrepreneurship,  it all begins and ends with knowing your customer well and making them insanely happy.  When he is not making clients happy, he’s probably talking about his amazing daughter and Songs for Shelter, the benefit concert they started for homeless teens. 

Tara Shah

Show Host

Tara is a world traveler, lawyer, and media consultant.  She has also spent over 15 years in the legal education industry teaching and consulting for law schools and major bar exam prep companies.  Always intellectually curious, Tara is driven by a quest for knowledge, a passion for cultures, and a desire to impact societal challenges.

She grew up in Georgia where she attended the University of Georgia, and then moved to San Diego, California where she earned her juris doctorate degree from California Western School of Law.

After years of experience as a licensed attorney and legal educator and consultant in California, Tara moved to Hong Kong and joined Conventus Law as Executive Director of Editorial.  Conventus Law is an online media company that provides legal news, strategic partnerships, and marketing for top global law firms and conferences, with a view to helping people do business better, smarter, and more innovative.  

She moved back to California after having expanded her consulting expertise from the legal education sector to being a strategic media consultant for the legal industry.   In 2018, she was chosen by Cloudcast Media to produce and host their podcast, Courtroom Confidential.  Always the lawyer, Tara also serves as International Counsel at Hone Maxwell managing their clients’ global needs and maintains her position with Conventus Law.

In addition to having an expansive career to date, she is a firm believer that everyone should give back and contribute to making a better world whether it be with one’s time, expertise, or money. To that end, she has helped organize numerous fundraisers for various charities, served on the Alumni Board of Directors for California Western School of Law as president, and currently is the president of the University of Georgia, San Diego Alumni Chapter.

David Varcardipone

School Partnerships, SchoolCAST

A life lived to serve, David is a retired police officer of 26 years, a Navy Hospital Corpsman Veteran, and a current Military Reservist in the United States Coast Guard Port Security Community. .  He is also the Founder & CEO of First Fold, an organization dedicated to honoring first responders through programs such as “First Responder Fridays” and “Team Bravo Zulu.”  Always the entrepreneur, David has also served customers in the hospitality industry,  having owned a sports bar and a pizzeria!


Erin Tanner is a dedicated community advocate and native of San Diego. As a multi passionate collaborator with over 17 years experience in nonprofit, specializing in community outreach and diversity and inclusion. I value relationship building, and driving positive transformation. With a love for personal growth, and experiencing new people and places.

Ruben Navarrette

President, NSPN


julia nellis

Associate Producer


Shayn Mitchell



Drew Schlosberg

Show Host

As a longtime, passionate member of the Fourth Estate, I look forward to working with the Cloudcast team to relentlessly provide compelling stories that make a difference in our communities and throughout our region.  My passion for journalism is only surpassed by my love for family, and insatiable desire to hear ‘live’ music at every opportunity.  Onward and upward!


Steven Porter



sarika pasumarthy

Website Administrator

Sarika is a college sophomore studying computer science who is interested in website development.


Associate Producer

Rachel is a college freshman who is studying computer science at Georgia Tech.


Local shows, local hosts, local sponsors, local brands, local players. This is Cloudcast – bringing your ears and your mind home.

We are uniquely positioned to amplify local brands and elevate their stories, whether through a brand-integrated show, a brand-hosted show and other content and media. Great brands excel at storytelling and engagement. A Cloudcast produced, recorded, engineered and distributed podcast and other media forms are powerful, dynamic, and high value strategies to drive mindshare and connect with local communities.

While we expect to have hit shows that will have national relevance and audiences, our goal is to drive local connections and allow communities to discover, engage and savor the flavor of local podcasts and media from music and sports to arts and business.

Amplify local brands with powerful, easy to share, digital media

Why Branded and Local


Brand engagement shares the laws of gravitational attraction. Namely, gravity weakens with distance.


This is why Cloudcast is all about maximizing attraction by focusing on local storytelling.


Creating immersive, narrative audio and media in partnership with local brands and sponsors.

Taking Your Business Off Mute | Sponsorship & Advertising

Amplify Your Business

When it comes to driving brand awareness or perhaps the launch of a new business or service, there are many, many strategies to implement.  Some are outrageously expensive and some are atrociously poor performers – and some are both. By working with Cloudcast, we can show you how to utilize podcasting as an immersive, narrative driven, and dynamic content strategy to drive your brand and reach customers.  And, to do so at investment levels that will deliver the better ROIs than you can imagine.  With Cloudcast, we’ll show you how to take your business off mute and utilize digital media and social media for maximum results amplification. 

Impact. Thought Leadership. Digital Content. Ridiculously Affordable

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Listen to the Entire Podcast

Podcast Sponsorship

In case you didn’t know, podcasting and sponsorship / advertising through podcasts is hotter than hot because 46 million people listen to podcasts and 86% listen to the entire podcast!  But, let’s be honest.  If you’re a local brand, sponsoring or advertising on a podcast with listeners outside your business, you’re probably wasting money.  Unless you’re an e-commerce company, spending money on your brand and customer acquisition with no ability for listeners to become customers will produce bad results!



With Cloudcast, we’ll help create a brand-centric podcast strategy that provides high impact, thought leadership style life to your marketing.

Cloudcast and our creative marketers and storytellers will produce podcasts, ads, custom content and multi-platform integration.

Our capabilities are versatile, from genuine host-read endorsements for performance-based campaigns to geo-targeted and scalable plans that raise brand awareness and consideration.

Brand Amp

Cloudcast Media has many other skills and capabilities to really give you a big bang branding experience. We’re experienced entrepreneurs that have started and sold businesses for millions of dollars. We understand demand creation, channel integration, powerful video storytelling and a great deal more. Again, let’s talk. But take a look at this rather cool piece of work!