“Looking back over my 31 years of work as a professional storyteller — writing columns, hosting radio, writing books, doing TV commentary, giving speeches, producing live shows, now hosting podcasts — I know this much: I’m not here to persuade people. I’m here to provoke thought. I don’t intend to make you angry, just to make you think. But be warned: Having to think might make you angry. It’s in the middle of the road, and the center of the debate, that you find all the best fights. In a polarized country, that’s where the action is. And that’s where you’ll find the unique and inspiring programs of the Navarrette Sonic Podcast Network.”

Ruben Navarrette, Founder & CEO

NSPN Shows Include:

Comm 4 Cops
Ruben In The Center

Ruben in the Center

Ruben in The Center,
Ruben Navarrette - NSPN,

The extremes have it all wrong. Naturally. On every issue, they only see half the picture. The ideologues always lead to a dead-end. You need to travel the middle of the road. That’s where the action is — in the center. On the basketball court, the chessboard, or the boxing ring, the center is where...

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Hosted ByRuben Navaraette
Coms for Cops,
Ruben Navarrette - NSPN,

Comm4Cops is simple: save lives and bring more peace to policing in America. Each of the 10 episodes builds and scaffolds, providing the listener with knowledge from thought leaders.

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